Iolite Cosmic Sphere

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Product Details

Iolite Cosmic Sphere for the intention of cosmic vision, soul navigation, and astral connection. Also known as the 'Vikings Compass', it guides you through testing periods and helps you access your soul's journey and commune with the cosmos. Iolite is revered for its clarity in communication and astral connections.

Iolite is a variety of the mineral Cordierite and is perfect for Shamanic journeys, detoxing from alcohol or negative thoughts. It is rare to find spheres such as these and are collector items.

The Iolite Cosmic Sphere offers vivid colors and spiritual exploration. Its shades evoke the hues of a winter sky, varying from vibrant violet-blue to intense dark blue in different angles and lighting.

Gaze at the Iolite and you'll feel a pull from the cosmos to dive deep into the mysteries of the universe.  

Size and specifics:

Our current small stash (so grab one quickly!) is from India. The energy is rich and vibrant and provides a deep connection during rituals or meditation. Each sphere is uniquely hand-carved and varies in color, markings, size, and weight.  

Iolite's name derives from 'Ios', a Greek term for "violet", hinting at the gem's delicate, luxurious purple hue.

You can expect your Iolite Cosmic Sphere to weigh between 11-14 ounces and measure approx 2.25-2.75 inches. Each piece is rich in energy, weight, and are a deep purple and grey in color.


How to use:

  • Place next to you during meditation or healing work. 
  • Hold in your palm and set an intention of connecting deeply to your soul's work. Listen carefully to what you hear, then journal on that.
  • Place next to you or on your alter for psychic travel or communication with other realms.
  • Use during times of difficult communication for clarity and guidance.


How to clean:

Your Iolite Cosmic Sphere is sturdy and can be wiped with a warm cloth or rinsed in water. Amplify its power by setting out during the full moon. New moon energy will help to clear any negative energy it may have taken on.

Your sphere comes cleansed and blessed and will hold the power for as long as you have it.

Note from our energy expert:

This is a fascinating and potent mineral. If you love communicating with other realms, you'll want Iolite to enhance your inner and spiritual compass.