Howlite Meditation Sphere

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Product Details


For the intention of serenity/creativity/emotional hugs

Howlite makes you feel as if Mother Earth just gave you a big hug and the Universe started answering all your questions. It's as if Mother Nature knew that we would need this magical stone to settle us down and ignite our creative passions. 

Howlite is a mysterious mineral. It has a unique ability to cleanse your chakras and aura, but also allows your mind to get creative and express without fear. The energy of our palms is incredible as we carefully sourced our current stash of Howlite Palmstones.

If you want an all-in-one magical crystal, Howlite is it. Your chakras and brain will thank you!

Size and specifics

Our  Howlite Spheres are hand-carved and from India. The energy is incredible. 

Eaxh measures approx 2.5-3 inches in diameter and weighs approx 1.2 pounds  

How to clean

This potent stone will do well if you love on it. Just as you would your BFF. You may also wipe with soft cloth and set it out during New Moon as that flushes away any negative energy it may have taken on.

Howlite loves our Blessed Spray too!

Note from our Energy Expert

Grab one of these! Holding the Howlite Sphere felt like I just received the biggest hug from God.