Stilbite Heulandite Cosmic Sphere

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For the intention of raise vibration/healing heart, 3rd eye, and crown chakras

One of our most fabulous crystals (and rare) is our Stilbite Huelandite Cosmic Sphere. Stilbite is rare and carries a stunning vibration that emanates and fills the entire space you place it in. Its pink/peachy hue feels soft to touch, as if you absorb the rich and healing energy immediately.
Heulandite is another rare mineral and promotes altered and expansive states of consciousness, power in root and sacral chakras, and overall healing energy. Heulandite will clear negative energy and help you make wise and decisive choices.
We found these minerals merged together in our hand-crafted spheres from India. They are incredible to touch and the energy radiates far and wide. Honestly, we've never come across something so unique and special as the Stilbite Heulandite Cosmic Sphere.
Size and specifics
Sacredly sourced from India, each sphere is unique and varies in the pink/peachy hue of Stilbite and the green/gray hue of Heulandite. They are soft to touch as if malleable in your hand in an exquisite way.
Each sphere is generous in size measuring approx 3 inches in diameter and weighs 1lb

How to use
  • Place it in one or both palms during meditation. Set an intention to connect to higher realms, expand your consciousness and receive wisdom.
  • Set it out on your desk or table in any room you want to be cleansed of negative energy and INFUSED with incredible healing and soft energy.
  • Hold it and sweep your sphere up and down in front of you to cleanse your auric field and infuse it with higher vibrational energies.
  • Place it on your desk for prosperity and success in business!
Note from our energy expert

This is a rare combination of one of the most beautiful energies I have ever felt. If you from are wanting more prosperity, higher state of consciousness or to keep positivity and joy in your life, grab one.