Harmony Jasper Wafer

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Product Details

For the intention of protection/clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution 

The exact stone you need while working and navigating this busy and noisy world. This stone gives a sense of well being and clarity.  Harmony Jasper will help you with visualization and soften grief, fear, and harsh energies such as guilt. 

This is a fabulous stone for creatives as the intuitive mind will have more energy and focus with the calming energy of jasper. 

Size and specifics:

Our Harmony Jasper Wafers are from India and yummy in energy.  Each piece is hand-carved and measure approx 2 inches long. They are thinner than typical palms which make them special and unique. 

How to use:

  • Place it on your desk to clear electromagnetic energies from your computer
  •  Hold in your palm during energy clearing or meditation. 
  • Use on alters and meditation areas for crystal clear energy 

How to clean: 

Wipe with a soft cloth and place out during new moon for clearing. Full moon will amplify the energy. 

Note from our energy expert:

Harmony Jasper is rare and has a beautiful soft healing energy to it.  This is a valuable stone and will help you keep brain fog away and keep your mental focus sharp.