Green Fluorite Palm Stones

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Product Details

 For intentions of Clearing energy blocks/mental focus/ deep healing

 Say Namaste to the glorious Green Fluorite Palm Stone! She is the stone of Divine guidance and spiritual power. Shamans, psychics and light workers use Fluorite for astral travel and accessing the Akashic records. Deep healing occurs in your energy field when you hold this palm and set clear intentions.

Green Fluorite will help you keep life in harmony and abundance. The power of this stone exists in the color and unique markings. When you hold this crystal with green soothing color, combined with the energy of fluorite— you'll be unshakeable.

Size and specifics 

We love the stash of green fluorite just in. They vary in translucent colors and markings. They weigh approximately 8 ounces and are 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. They've been sourced in a special way and we have cleansed and blessed these juicy palms for days.  

How to use 

  • For telepathic transmission, hold your Green Flourite Palm in your right hand, close your eyes, and intend to send a loving message to someone. After you've telepathically sent your message, transfer the Green Fluorite to your left hand, close your eyes and focus your intentions on receiving whatever message is sent to you. (Oftentimes, when someone is thinking about you or sending a message to you,  their face will appear in your mind's eye.)


  • Hold your Palm when you feel inner chaos and want to create calm and harmony.
  • Place it next to you while meditating or use it in a sweeping motion to cleanse your energy field and chakras. 

 How to clean 

Your crystal is abundantly blessed and will hold its blessing for a long, long time. However, as it works for you, you may need to wipe it with a soft cloth. Water is ok but avoid sunlight. Place your green fluorite out during the new moon to release heavies and charge it up under the full moonlight.

A note from our energy expert

These yummy green fluorite palms are perfect for a quick energy cleanse and chakra clearing. Green Fluorite will bring a sense of order to your mind for mental focus and clarity.