Sheen Obsidian Blessed Pyramid

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Product Details

 For intention of clear energy, protection, channeling intuitive knowledge. Beautifully hand-carved Sheen Obsidian Blessed Pyramids are doubly potent due to the mineral and shape.  Pyramids are used by metaphysicians and energy healers to help clear your chakras and harmonize energy. 


Size and specifics:

Our sheen obsidian is from Mexico and gorgeous in color and energy. 

Each pyramid is roughly 2.5 inches at base and 2.5 inches tall, weighing approx. 7 ounces. Note: the sheen is soft and varies for each piece. You may need to hold up to the light to see the sheen. The energy is powerful!

How to Use Sheen Obsidian: 
  • Keep it close for protection in your home or office
  • For an energy clearing, hold it in your palm and take several deep breaths. 
  • Place next to your body or gently on your body in the area of a chakra you wish to clear. 
  • Have it in your meditation space to channel strong spiritual presence and heighten intuition.

How to Clean Sheen Obsidian: When you purchase crystals and stones from us, they arrive cleansed, blessed, and activated to work for you. You will never lose the blessing in the crystal. However, you may want to wipe your Gold Sheen Obsidian every week or so.

Note from our energy expert:  Sheen Obsidian is an incredible energy protector and cleanser. Pyramids are known since ancient times to do wonderful things for body, mind, and soul. Use abundantly.