Energy Stones

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For the intention of transmuting worry energy/ positivity 

Say hello to these preciously potent energy stones. Often referred to as “worry stones” these hand-carved drops of stones and minerals will absorb negative and heavy energy when you rub them. If only Aladdin’s Lamp could see us now!

Size and specifics

Each stone is approximately 2 inches long and one inch wide and weighs just under an ounce. They are beautifully shaped and soothing to touch. 

  • Howlite for clearing head chatter and creating new perspective
  • Dream Amethyst for connection and love to self and others. High intuition
  • Dragon’s Blood for strength and courage, good luck and fortune
  • Blue Aventurine for calming energy, mental clarity, and creativity 
  • Green Aventurine for clearing negative emotions and infusing positivity
  • Ruby Zoisite for psychic abilities and clear crown chakra
  • Blue Goldstone so you can reach for the stars
  • Opalite 

How to use

Have your energy stone in your pocket for easy access or on your desk  take it out when you feel you need to transmute negative energy and create space for higher vibration  

How to  clean

Wipe with a soft cloth. Place in salt water for several minutes every month. 

Note from our energy expert 

These small but potent stones will relieve a burden of stress for you. Carry one with you at all times.