Dragon's Blood Palm Stone

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Product Details

 Dragon's Blood  Palm Stones ignite a fiery wellspring of courage and vitality within, making you feel like you have your own personal fire-breathing dragon. These stones, traditionally given to warriors and protectors for their energizing and protective qualities, Dragon's Blood is to use in spiritual healing and growth as it will allow you to face your fears and overcome your limiting beliefs.

For the intention of courage/vitality/joyful emotions

 Not only do they feel like you have your own personal dragon of bravery, but the Dragon Blood Stone will infuse you with a sense of vitality. Given to warriors and women for protection as an infusion of courage and healing. 

This is a perfect stone to use in spiritual healing and growth as it will allow you to face your fears and limiting beliefs with truth and awareness. The green color in this stone will soften your heart chakra and foster self-acceptance and love. 

Size and specifics

The Dragon Blood Stone consists of a variety of quartz that has unique flecks and veins of red in a green foundation Myth says that Dragon Blood consists of the remains of deceased ancient dragons with green skin and the red specks representing blood.

Kind of goth, wouldn't you say? 

The real elements are a mixture of Epidote, which is the green mineral, and Piemontite, the red part.

We love them!

Each plan is hand-carved and unique in color, shape, and size. You can expect a beautiful palm stone that measures approximately 2" X 1.5" and 3 ounces. 

How to use

  • Hold it in your palm and meditate on a vision of you in full courageous glory!  Don't back down, lean in.
  • Ask it to guide you, help you, and infuse you with courage, vitality, and clarity. 
  • Place a Dragon Blood Courage Palm under your pillow for dream work. It might be an active night so watch out!
  • Keep it with you if you are going through a time of worry or doubt. 
  • Bring to athletic events or workouts for increased physical vitality, due to the activation of your root chakra.

How to clean

Place your Dragon Blood Courage Stone out in the new moon energy to cleanse out the heavy energies it may have taken on. Setting it out in the Full Moon will activate it. Remember, your Dragon Blood Courage Stone comes cleansed, blessed, and that blessing will hold for years to come.

Note from our energy expert

I feel like I have my own personal dragon and could be on the Game of Thrones. These are beautifully crafted and potent in energy.