Quartz Cathedral Points (Top Quality from Brazil)

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Product Details

 For the intention of amplification of frequencies, chakra clearing, healing on deep levels

 The mother of all crystals has made an entrance. These Clear Quartz Points from Brazil are top quality and incredibly potent in energy. This is not for the casual crystal user, imagine if you were to have the most powerful Harry Potter wand ever— that's our gal. 

Clear quartz at this level has an innate clearing ability and amplification of frequencies. These are collector pieces and do well with other crystals in your home. It is most happy in your sacred space of meditation or front and center in your living room to work its magic on all of those you love.


Size and specifics:

Each piece is unique and comes directly from Brazil. They are full of rainbows, angels and phantom crystals and incredibly clear. 6 faceted cathedral cut brings to life the effervescence and magic of each crystal point.


  • Clear Quartz Cathedral Point #4 "Hal"  We figured this incredible piece would hold all the information and knowledge necessary. He weighs 1.15 lbs and measures 7 inches long and 3.25 at its widest and base.  Inside is a dance of angles and that make this piece sparkle and potent.  

Clear Quartz Cathedral Point #8: "Giselle". She is one of our most outstanding pieces. Giselle is 15 inches tall and weighs just over 7 pounds. She is top quality and the energy coming from her is incredible. Her wisps of angels inside are delicate and you'll see rainbows in the light. This is a collector's piece and will last a lifetime.

Note: Giselle comes with metal stand from our Brazilian vendor. 


How to use:

  • Place in your home as a piece of art that creates magic for you
  • Use in your sacred meditation or prayer area
  • Hold during specific meditation and set an intention for deep healing and knowing your core truth

How to clean:

Wipe with a soft cloth and our clear quartz points love our Blessed Spray to cleanse any negative energy it took on. Set out during new moon for cleansing and full moon for amplification.

Note from our energy expert:

It took us awhile to let go of these pieces. Sourced directly from our favorite Brazilian crystal lover, they have been cleansed and blessed abundantly. If you love crystals, you have to have one of these. Rare and stunning.