Chakra Extractor *Black Obsidian

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Product Details
For intention of Clearing Chakras/Energy field

Move over negative and stuck energy.
Our Black Obsidian Chakra Extractor is a powerful” tool for energy clearing, cleansing, and healing. Obsidian is a natural black volcanic glass that exudes a captivating purifying and cleansing energy. This stone radiates protection from negative energy, physical harm, and psychic attacks. 

Size and Specifics
This is a superb tool to use for clearing your chakras and auric field. Black obsidian with a hint of golden Sheen makes this chakra extractor extra cleansing. Each extractor is 8 faceted and weighs approx 4.2 ounces. It measures 2 inches tall and 2 inches at the base. 

How to use
  • Lie down and take 3 deep breaths, holding the inhale at the top and exhaling at the bottom. Feel total relaxation come over you  
  • Place the chakra extractor on your body that aligns with the chakra you want to clear 
  • Breathe normally and allow yourself to release for several minutes (5-20 minutes)
  • You may use it on all chakras in one sitting or on one at a time
  • Drink plenty of water afterward. Feel free to journal or take a quiet walk  
You may also set this piece near your other chakras or jewelry to cleanse them. 

How to clean 
Your chakra extractor comes cleansed and blessed. It will never lose its blessing, however, you may want to place it in saltwater after use. It will respond well to new moon energy.

The Blessed Spray is perfect for all of your crystals. Buy here.
A note from our energy expert
This chakra extractor is a sacred tool to help you flush out heavy and congested energy in your chakras. Use it with high intentions and take time afterward to be quiet or infuse yourself with your sincere dreams. You may use 2 or 3 extractors at a time. Then reset.