Blue Sodalite Pillow Palms

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Product Details

 For the purpose of tapping into subconscious intuition, our Blessed Blue Sodalite Pillow Palms offer healing and clarity. This celestial stone works to open intuitive channels and facilitate communication, while providing energy to the throat chakra.

With it, you can experience a sense of order and peace in the mind while reducing the effects of stress. Tap into your inner knowing with the sacred power of Blue Sodalite Pillow Palms.


Size and specifics:

Our Sodalite Pillow Palms come from India and have a rich deep blue color. Each one is hand-carved and vary in size, shape, markings, and hue. Each pillow weighs approx. one ounce and measures 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. They feel luscious!

How to use:

  • Lie down and place your celestial sodalite near your crown chakra to clear it and heighten intuition. 

  • Place it near your throat chakra for healing of past pain and freedom of voice and expression.

  • Hold it during difficult conversations or when you feel you need support in your voice. 

How to clean

Wipe with soft cloth. You may place in salt water for an hour or set out in the sun or moonlight. 

Note from our energy expert:

Blue Sodalite is a sacred stone and will enhance your intuition and help you speak and express your truth. Carry at least one with you and have one on your meditation altar.