Blue-Green Aragonite Polished Mystical Spheres

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Product Details

Each piece of Blue-Green Aragonite Polished Mystical Sphere has the potent energy of Mother Earth encapsulated in each of these special crystals, ready for your mystical and magical intentions.

Each sphere has been carefully hand-polished by the miner and his family in Pakistan, creating a unique product with its own size, shape and color.  

Exuding optimism, magic and mysticism, our Blue-Green Polished Aragonite Spheres are  fascinating stones that will bring you harmony. This gorgeous rare and beautifully polished stone will help you to solve and heal past emotional trauma and current stress. It is bliss in your palm and we can't get enough of it.

Size & specifics

Two Sizes:

Small weighs approx. 3.3 ounces and measures 1.75 inches in diameter. 

Medium weighs approx. 6-7 ounces and measures 2 inches in diameter

Our Blue-Green Spheres have all the hues of turquoise, teal blue, and ocean sand. These soothing shades of blue-green with shades of cream and brown make for a potent Aragonite spheres.

You'll see the Druzes in some spheres, others are smooth. We will choose intuitively as each as potent energy.

How to use

  • Hold your Blue-Green Aragonite Sphere  in your palm. Breathe in and out 3X through the nose. Then relax and start to softly speak things you want to release from the past— trauma, hurt, embarrassment, shame, etc. 
  • Set it on your desk or in a room that you want to protect. Place it next to you for dream guidance. 
  • Have it next to you or hold it during stressful or emotional times. 

How to clean

Your Blue-Green Aragonite Sphere comes cleansed and blessed. Every now and then wipe it with a warm cloth. Keep out of sunlight but let it enjoy the moonlight or new moon energy. 

A note from our energy expert

Blue-Green Aragonite is a sought-after stone that seems to contain rare energy only found in Mother Earth. Be kind to her and allow her to heal any stress or strain. It wants to bring you optimism and joy.