Blue Fluorite Awakening Sphere

Out of Stock. Looks like this is a popular one. More coming soon!

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Product Details

For the intention of spiritual awakening/psychic excellence

Blue Fluorite is rare and an essential tool for spiritual and psychic work. This is a rare mineral, difficult to find and worthy of a place in your spiritual toolbox. It’s powers are numerous and ranges from helping with mental clarity and presence, calm communication, and confident energy- resulting in confident body language and voice. This mineral is a must if you are seeking connection to your Higher Self and clear psychic knowing. Blue fluorite is rare and our current stash is a deep blue/green and is stunning when placed under light. 

Size and specifics:

Our current stash is gorgeous and has a teal hue with hints of green.

Each sphere is unique in size and color.  Small but potent, they weigh approx 4.5-6 ounces and measure approx 1.5 inches in diameter. 

How to use:

  • Hold in palm for calm and connected communication
  • Hold in your palm or place next to you during meditation or psychic work 
  • Perfect for your spiritual toolbox or meditation room- Blue Fluorite will cleanse your aura and chakras. 
  • Place on your desk to clear chaos and increase confidence 

How to clean:

Use a soft cloth to wipe and spray with our Blessed Spray. Keep out of sun for long periods of time and charge up under the full moon. Your Blue Fluorite Awakening Sphere will love the new moon energy for cleansing any energy it took on.

Note from our energy expert:

Fluorite is a potent mineral and blue fluorite is rare.  This is a small but potent sphere for deep spiritual and psychic work.