The Protector Sphere [Black Tourmaline]

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Product Details
Black Tourmaline is a highly sought-after crystal for psychic, emotional, and physical protection.  Our Protector Sphere is a polished, inky black tourmaline crystal from Brazil. Though there are other shades of tourmaline, none are as powerful in protection as the grounding and magnetic Black Tourmaline.

It's unusual to find these polished and generously sized meditation spheres as Black Tourmaline is mostly found in rough chunks.  What we love about The Protector Sphere is the large area of your home that it will cleanse and protect for you.

You may place it in your office for protection against EMF rays, or have it in the middle of your dining room table to provide cleansed and protected energy for your food.

The Protector Sphere is perfect if you are dealing with negative energies from other people or your own personal worries.

This is your shield to cleanse all of the toxic energies— before they enter your auric field and energetic chamber. 

With your energy clean, clear, and protected, you'll have a vibe of positivity and radiance!

One of the ways you can tell the difference between Black Tourmaline Spheres and Black Obsidian Sphere is the weight. Black Tourmaline is heavy and generous in its presence. 

We love them both, but if you want protection in home, business, or of other negative toxicities, make sure you have The Protector Sphere. 

The Large Sphere is approximately 2.6 inches in diameter and 1.5 lb.

The Medium Sphere is approximately 2.4 inches in diameter and 15oz. 

Weight, color, shape, and size will vary for each sphere. You'll see natural markings in this crystal sphere.