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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

Beam your vibration way up with Apophyllite, a potent crystal known for its healing and transformative properties. This gorgeous crystal acts like your personal teleportation tool to places of transcendence.

Apophyllite is ideal for aiding in astral travel and remote viewing. This stunning stone is also renowned for cleansing chakra and activating the third eye and crown chakras.

Our current stash is from the enchanted mines of India with potent powers for astral travel, energy work and divine intervention.

How to use:

  • Place wherever you pray, meditate, or do energy work
  • Set it out as a stunning art piece in your home. It doubles as an energetic amplifier
  • Use for when you are looking for that ray of light and guidance from the spiritual realms

Size and specifics:

Blessed Apophyllite Clusters have incredible cubes divinely organized. Each piece is unique and some will have inclusions of hematite (pink). The quality and energy is incredible. See each piece below. 

  1. Zaden is our largest Apophyllite Cluster. Weighing in at 5016 grams (approx 11 pounds) he is nearly 11 inches long and 7 inches wide. Profound and rare piece with dazzling cubes and a beautiful hematite inclusion. ($499.99)
  2. Cleopatra is perhaps our most stunning piece. Weighing in at 4216 grams (approx. 9 pounds) Cleo is 11 inches long and 6 inches wide. She has a dazzling display of whitish translucent cubes and crystal formations. She's perfect for when you feel you want amplification of your spiritual powers and manifestations. ($399.99)
  3. Giselle is an energy ray to beam you way up. She is approx. 8 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. Cube clusters with some hematite inclusions, she is a rare piece.Weighing in at a generous 4160 grams (9 pounds) we can't get enough of her. Her super power is to make you feel fabulous. ($349.99)
  4. Violet is an absolute stunning and rare piece! Weighing in at 3584 grams (approx 7 pounds) she is 9 inches long x 8 inches wide. With a beautiful mix of apophyllite cubes and clusters, she is a perfect piece for our energy workers and crystal collectors.  ($349.99)
  5. Queen brings her most stunning energy and beauty. Weighing 2244 grams (4 pounds) she is long and elegant. 10" x 5". Queen's cubes sparkle and shine and the hematite inclusions are divinely placed. ($249.99)
  6. Rhiannon is strong and powerful in her energy. She weighs 2148 grams (4 pounds) and is 10X5 inches. We love her hematite inclusions and cube-like wonders. She's perfect for meditation area, energy cleansing, and astral travel. ($229.99)
  7. Layla will fill your palms with wonderment. She's 6x4 and weighs 1288 grams (2 pounds) Layla will activate your 3rd eye and cleanse your pineal gland for transportation to other realms of spirituality. ($199.99)
  8. Aelin is the perfect apophyllite to add to your collection. She's 8"x3" and weighs 890 grams (approx. one pound) She will immediately cleanse your field and amplify the rich powers of your 3rd eye and crown chakra. ($99.99)