Amazonite Hope Stone

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Product Details

For the intention of soothing stress/clearing heart and throat/igniting hope

Behold the mineral of truth and hope. Amazonite has the cool blue-green hues of the Amazon Rain Forest and tales of protecting Amazonian royalty in battle. Having adorned ancient Egyptian temples and holy artifacts, Amazonite will empower your throat and heart chakras for compassionate truth. This is the perfect mineral to manifest Oneness and love. 

Size & specifics

Our cosmic stash of Amazonite Stones come to us from Brazil and are high vibe in color and frequency. The rich green with blue tint color makes this a perfect calming and courage-creating stone for you.

Each palm stone is hand-carved and varies in size, hue, and weight. They are approx 3.5-4.5 ounces and 1.5 or 2 inches in diameter. They will feel AMAZING in the palm of your hand. 

Each Amazonite Heart is hand-carved and weighs approx 3.5-4.4 ounces and approx 2" X 2". 

How to use

  • Hold this palm and speak your intention into it. Is it for an open heart? Clearing throat chakra so you can speak your truth compassionately? Amazonite will hear you and respond. 
  • Keep it on your desk so that you may place your hand over it or hold it for a moment of empowerment.
  • Lie down and place it on your heart or solar plexus for extra clearing and connection. 

How to clean

Your Amazonite Hope Stone cleansed and blessed for you. Wipe it with a soft cloth and place out during new moon energy. Avoid the sun as it will fade the beautiful greenish-blue color.

A note from our energy expert

I figure if Amazonian Warriors used this stone to cover their shields for protection, then you might want to have one with you too. ;-)