Ruby Zoisite

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For the intention of passion/fearlessness/mind power

Low bow to the Ruby Zoisite, a stone of courage, passion, and prosperity. This merger of precious raw ruby encapsulated inside green zoisite is a rare piece and difficult to find as it comes from Tanzania. It was first discovered at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1949.  This makes sense to us as the courage, passion, and fearlessness needed to summit Mount Kilimanjaro is astronomical.

This luscious and preciously sourced stone will increase vitality in body and libido, convert negative thoughts to positive ones, and enhance spiritual and psychic awareness. Many use it for astral travel. 

Specifics and size

We only have 5 specimens in stock, each precious, sparkling on the sides and smooth on the top. The energy is incredible in each piece. The tops are polished and sides sparkly and raw

Large size weighs approx 3.5 pounds 

Medium weighs approx 2 pounds

Small weighs approx 1 pound

All are generous in size and the colors are brilliant and rich. 

How to clean

Wipe with a warm cloth. You may use water and our Blessed Crystal Spray. Set out during new moon to release negative build-up and charge it during full moon. 

Note from our energy expert:

If you need a dose of fearlessness in your life, or vitality, this is your piece. Treasure it. The Rubies are real and nestled within for a power surge straight from Tanzanian mountains.