Congratulations on purchasing The Blessed Crystal Co's Clear the Negative Energy Kit. 

Energy has a profound impact on the quality of your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's ALL energy. You probably already know this or you wouldn't be here. However...

What most people don't know about working with energy is that 95% of the game is about cleaning up the heavy, sticky stuff we pick up along the way. As you release this old, stagnant energy, you return to your NATURAL state of health, happiness and joy. 

You can think of your Clear the Negative Energy Kit as a toolbox. As such, there are a few basic principles we're going to work with. 

  1. Use the right tool for the job. 
  2. Keep your tools clean and well cared for so they're always there for you when you need them. 
  3. Practice excellent energy hygiene for you and your spaces. 

We'll cover all of this (and more) in the instructions below. As well, you'll find a sound healing by our ambassador Nick, The Mystic Next Door that you can use along with your crystals to help Clear Negative Energy from your life. 

Let's get started...

The Obsidian Chakra Extractor


The Crown Jewel of this kit is the Black Obsidian Chakra Extractor. These are incredibly powerful. Not only is it a crystal of exquisite quality that has gone through our 3-step process (as all of our crystals), but this specific cut is designed to help release deeper levels of stuck and stagnant energy- especially from chakras. 


Here's how to use it. 

Lie down on your back. Place this extractor on the chakra that you want to clean. We highly recommend starting with the Solar Plexus because it is so important for emotional clarity and physical health- like REALLY important. 

Breathe deeply for about 10-minutes while this crystal works its magic. In your mind keep thinking, "I let go, I let go, I let go..." 


  • DEFINITELY burn some of your incense while you do this. This releases a lot of energy from your body into the space around you, and the incense will help to clean that up. If possible to do this outside lying in the grass, even better! 
  • Soak your crystal in some salt water after each use. Obsidian is particularly absorbtive, and you want to keep it clean for the next use. 
  • Take a salt bath before you go to bed for an extra layer of cleaning. 

Smoky Quartz Sphere


This little guy is meant to go with you so you have it whenever you need. Smoky quartz is grounding and does a great job of absorbing negative energy, so this is perfect to use throughout the day.

The trick is to use it with intention. 

So when you notice something heavy or crunchy or foggy, place this crystal softly in the palm of your hand and take a few deep breaths.

Say to yourself, "I am SUPER receptive to release all negative energy back to Source/God/Etc. I am SUPER conductive to receive all the goodness that is here for me right now. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!"


  • Use with intention. Many people tuck one of these in their pocket or purse (or bra) and forget about it. It'll still do its job, but not the same as when you align it with clear intention. 
  • Clean frequently. Place it in Selenite tray when not in use, and soak it in salt water overnight once a week or so. 

Selenite Crescent Moon


Selenite is incredibly cool. We included it for two important reasons. First, selenite does a great job cleansing energy. It's light, porous quality allows it to draw out unwanted quality without absorbing it. 

Thus the second reason we wanted you to have this- it never needs to be cleaned. 

It's in the shape of a tray, so you can place your other smaller crystals in it for some cleansing.

You can also just pick it up and hold it in your hand to get stuck and stagnant energy to start moving and releasing. 

This makes it perfect for sitting on your desk so it's handy throughout the day. 


  • DO NOT soak this crystal in salt water. It will break down and dissolve. Remember, this cool thing about Selenite is that it doesn't need to be cleaned or charged. 
  • Notice the difference in how this crystal releases negative energy vs the smoky quartz and obsidian. It's a very different quality and over time, you'll learn intuitively which one to go for in different circumstances.

Selenite Stick


Similar to moon above, this little stick is great to keep on hand or on the go. This is a delicate crystal, so maybe keep it in a little pouch so that shards don't flake off. 

You can also use this little one as a mini cord cutter. Place it in the palm of your hand and swipe your hand in a cutting motion 3x down in front of you with the clear intention, "Cut. The. Cords." 

Breathe deeply with a new sense of lightness and freedom.



As above, do NOT soak this crystal in water.  

Golden Sandstone Sphere


 Now that you've got your energy cleaned up, your intentions will be much more clear and powerful. That's where your Gold Sandstone come in. Not only will this crystal help to calm your emotions and revitalize your energy field, it's also known to support ambition, confidence, and a positive outlook on life.

The gold sparkly color will help you harmonize relationships and attract abundance.


  • After you're back in your bright, shiny Self, feeling more calm and focused, place your Gold Sandstone in your hand. 
  • Imagine what you want to have happen moving forward. This isn't just wishing and hoping. Intention setting is about deciding to have your desire.  
  • When you have a clear intention, simply say, "Thank you!" And then get back into your day. 

Palo Santo


Palo Santo is AWESOME!

A lot of people don't know this, but not all incense is created equal. For example, sage is great for cleansing lower energies, but doesn't have a super wide spectrum. And just because something is higher frequency doesn't mean it's clean...

We chose Palo Santo for this kit because it does an amazing job at cleaning a very broad spectrum of energies. It's at once earthy and grounding as well as spiritually uplifting.

Burning the actual wood in this way does tend to release a little more smoke, but the beautiful scent lingers long afterward to keep the space clean. 


  • Use this in any space where there is a lot of activity. Living rooms, where everyone communes and talks. Family/TV rooms to clean up the energy of the shows you watch- yes, those shows project energy into your space...
  • Use it where you do your meditations, study, and healing work. Those practices tend to release a lot of energy from your body and brain. Keeping the space clean means you'll always step into fresh energy. 
  • Use it in your workspace if possible. A lot of thinking, mental energy, and stress happens around work. That energy can be very heavy and sticky. Palo Santo will allow more space in your head to think creatively and allow solutions to present themselves naturally. 



We LOVE this incense! The scents are so rich and beautiful without being overwhelming. 

Incense, like the Palo Santo above, is used to cleanse the energy of your space, as well as to set and hold your intention with more clarity. 

We know many an energy aficionado who take great care of their own energy, but neglect their space. As a result they wind up feeling they're pushing a boulder uphill to maintain their energy. 

We're all about making your life easier, and this incense is one of those little hacks that often get overlooked. 

So use it often and if you need more, just click here to refresh your supply



You also received an adorable hand carved crystal mushroom with your kit. These are a fun way to play with energy and attune your sensibilities and intention. 

These little treasures are less about the actual crystal it's made from- though that obviously has an impact on the energy- and more about the shape of  crystal itself.


The mushroom represents Good Luck, Safety/Protection, Transformation or Enlightenment. 

Note: The crystal in your kit has been chosen intuitively for you specifically. 


  • Sit quietly with your acorn or mushroom in your hand. Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to rest on the words above. 
  • See what your crystal reveals to you: What shifts in you when you pick it up? What subtle shifts in you energy do you notice? How does it make you feel? 
  • Get curious and explore. 

Your "Clear The Negative Energy" Sound Healing from Nick, The Mystic Next Door

We are thrilled that Nick provided us with a sound healing specifically for this kit. When we asked him what he might be able to create, he didn't hesitate...

"Solar plexus. If you want to clear negative energy, the fastest and easiest way is to work on your solar plexus." 

He is a true master of energy and an extraordinary healer, so we just went with it, and boy are we glad we did. We can't wait for you to experience this for yourself... 

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel while you're listening because he has a lot of great stuff over there. 

Some notes about Mystic Sound Healing™ from Nick: 

  • Sound healing is amazing. Especially for people who have a busy mind and struggle with head chatter or have a hard time concentrating for meditation.
  • The healing vibrations gently release stuck energy both within your body and in the energy around you. 
  • This invites a wonderful state of relaxation- like a deep, full-body sigh of relief, and signals to your body that it's safe to go into a state of healing and recovery. 
  • The sounds also give a sort of mantra for the mind to follow into space between thoughts. 
  • The best way to enjoy this is to sit or lie down, and breathe deeply while you listen. Headphones are great for a more immersive experience, but you can also play it over your home entertainment system for more of a full body experience. 

Every month Nick does a Full Moon Sound Bath. It's part of our regular ritual here at the Blessed Crystal Co. and we wouldn't dream of missing. 

He makes it super easy to join the livestream, or if you can't make it at that specific time, you get access to the recording. 

For complete details and to register your spot for the next one, go here

Got Questions? 

We're here for you. Our purpose is to put Mother Natures amazing treasures in your hands so that you can live a more healthy, happy, and prosperous life. 

We want to make Clearing Negative Energy from your life simple and easy, so if you have any questions about your kit, or you're looking for something in particular, drop us an email at 

Here are a few of our favorite extra special crystals that you might enjoy to go along with your kit and take your healing to the next level. 



Reminders that nature is all powerful— and so are you

Buried in the dirt of our planet is an endless supply of colorful, gorgeous, sparkling rock. Pretty miraculous, right?

Crystals are proof that anything is possible.

They help us tap into Inature’s unlimited energy and remember that we have access to the same power—no matter what’s going on in the world around us.

Bringing you the tools and tips to tap into the force within

We’re not here to simply sell rocks. We’re here to provide the whispers in your ear that remind you where you came from—and what you’re capable of.

You hold the power to lead a limitless life.

You hold the power to create the world you seek.

You hold the power to make miracles.

Keep a Blessed Crystal around and you’ll always remember that.

Ethically sourced from our abundant Earth

We’ve worked hard to find partners around the planet who take care in how they excavate nature’s treasures.

While there are more crystals underground than we humans will ever find, how we bring them to light matters and we’ll never take that for granted.

  • Energetic Cleansing

    Crystals are absorbent little things. As they pass through many hands on their way from the earth to you, there’s potential to pick up some funky energy. Fear not—we give them a good cleanse to make them clean, clear, and extra sparkly.

  • Spiritual Blessing

    Next, we bless—pouring a heartfelt prayer onto each crystal. It’s an extra step that may seem unnecessary to some, but we’ve heard enough “wow, this crystal feels so different!” to know it makes a difference.

  • Intention Activation

    Lastly, we program each crystal with a specific intention to serve you. From clearing negativity to receiving more abundance, each Blessed Crystal is there to support you in achieving whatever you want in life.

Sparked by fate, run by energy experts

The Blessed Crystal Co. was the flash of genius of a great human who is no longer on the planet. As a tribute to this wonderful soul, a pair of his dear friends and students decided to pick up the business and carry it into the future.

Kisma, The Prosperity Code Mentor, and Nick, the Mystic Next Door—two passionate spiritual and energetic teachers—are honored to lead The Blessed Crystal Co. and empower as many lives as they can through these gorgeous gifts from nature.