Explore our wide range of beautiful and potent crystals, with everything from crystal spheres to towers and clusters.

All our crystals are cleansed, blessed, and extra charged before we ship them to you.

  • Energetic Cleansing

    Crystals are absorbent little things. As they pass through many hands on their way from the earth to you, there’s potential to pick up some funky energy. Fear not—we give them a good cleanse to make them clean, clear, and extra sparkly.

  • Spiritual Blessing

    Next, we bless—pouring a heartfelt prayer onto each crystal. It’s an extra step that may seem unnecessary to some, but we’ve heard enough “wow, this crystal feels so different!” to know it makes a difference.

  • Intention Activation

    Lastly, we program each crystal with a specific intention to serve you. From clearing negativity to receiving more abundance, each Blessed Crystal is there to support you in achieving whatever you want in life.