Ruby Hearts and Palms

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Product Details

 For the intention of clearing heart chakra/ spiritual wisdom/protection against psychic smog. Raw ruby from India holds a passionate energy that will guide you and protect you. This semi-precious stone will never let you down. Ruby holds the energy or passion and and increase energy and focus. There is a mysterious element that brings awe around the potency of this gem.

Size and specifics:

These gorgeous natural rubies are from India and each one is unique. One piece weighs approx. 3 ounces and is approximately 2 x 2 inches. Though small in size our natural rubies are magnificent in energy. They are beautifully polished and will last a lifetime. 

How to use:

Hold your ruby in your palm and ask for clarity of purpose and passion. Keep it on your desk or near your bed for romantic energy. This piece will continue to grow in power and guide you.

Use this gem for manifesting your best life!

How to clean:

Wipe your ruby with a soft cloth. Rinse in warm water. Keep out of sunlight. Your ruby will love new moon energy for cleansing and full moon for amplification.

Note from our energy expert:

Natural Ruby is a divine precious gem that will guide you in purpose and passion.