Heavenly Snowflake Fluorite Palm

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Product Details

For the intention of neutralizing and absorbing negative energy/harmony and positivity.

If we could fill your home with one crystal, it would be our Heavenly Snowflake Fluorite Palms.  Snowflake Fluorite brings heaven to earth, harmony to opposition, and positivity to negativity. Our Heavenly Snowflake Fluorite Palm is all about color, designs of snowflakes, and the power of spirituality.

Fluorite comes from the Latin word fluor, or "flow". Now we look at the fluorescence of colors and hues that seem to take us to a Heavenly state of mind.  

It is a heavenly crystal and opens up new dimensions of possibility in your spiritual practice. 

 Fluorite is a Seeker's stone. The most successful and harmonious humans are seeking this gorgeously hued and soft stone because it stabilizes energy and creates mental focus and positivity 

Size and specifics

Each rare snowflake fluorite is unique in color with hues of green and purple. You'll see the unique designs that represent the cosmos. This is a reminder that you are ONE with the Universe. 

Each palm weighs between 5-8 ounces and approx 2-3 inches long. They are thick and generous in size.

How to use:

  • Place it in your palm while meditating or manifesting. Intend clearly what it is you desire to create or who you want to be. Speak to your palm. It will speak back to you through the energy.
  • Set it out in any room that feels heavy. It is a perfect healing stone if someone has been arguing in your home.
  • Have a Heavenly Snowflake Palm on your desk or in the kitchen to infuse happiness, optimism, and harmony into your home or business.

How to clean: Your Heavenly fluorite palm comes cleansed and blessed. Clean it with a soft cloth or with our Blessed Spray.

Note from our energy expert

These Snowflake Palms feel like heaven in your palm. They are perfect to sprinkle around your home to clear negative energy and infuse optimism.