Ruby Kyanite Sacred Palm Stone

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For the intention of manifesting/mental clarity/intuition

Your Cosmic intervention has arrived. We seriously cannot express the power of this unique and difficult-to-find merger of stones. Our Ruby Kyanite Sacred Palm Stone has the best of two incredible stones. Ruby is the stone that encourages you to "follow your bliss". It will cleanse and activate your root chakra and ignite your passion. Kyanite is a calming mineral. Bright in blue hues and textures, it helps with the dream state and astral travel. The combination of these two will help you to find new levels of awareness, spiritual connection, and mental clarity.

The vibration of these crystals is high because of the rubies inside and the energy of kyanite. 

Size and specifics

Our Ruby Kyanite Sacred Palm Stones are generous in size. They are between 5.5 -7.4 ounces (approximately) and 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. Our current stash comes from India which adds the soft energy of manifesting and spirituality. This is one of the most potent mixtures of minerals on the planet.

How to use

  • Hold your Ruby Kyanite Sacred Palm and ask for clarity of purpose and mental focus. It holds the answers you seek. Ask for them.

  •  Place it next to you whilst lying down. Set an intention that the minerals of your Sacred Palm are used with the intention to heighten your intuition and spiritual power. 

  •  Keep it on your desk so that you can place your hand over it when you need more mental clarity or focus. This will support motivation and purpose for your projects or work.

  • Your precious combination of ruby and kyanite will provide a host of possibilities for energy and intuition. Keep it near you.

 How to clean 

Your Ruby Kyanite Sacred Palm Stone comes cleansed and blessed for you. Wipe it with a soft cloth and place it out in the new moon energy to release any negativity it has absorbed. 

A note from our energy expert

This is one of the most powerful mineral combinations. Use it for the purpose of clarity, prosperity, intuition, and spirituality.