The Violet Flame Amethyst

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Product Details
Violet Flame Amethyst for intuition & spiritual clarity.
Our Violet Flame Amethyst Points are delicate and potent. Amethyst has been a favorite crystal since 25,000 B.C. The shimmering hues of this crystal change with the light and we encourage you to place it in different parts of your house to catch the light and transmute energy in the perfect way.
Known to encourage clarity of intuition, spirituality, and dream analysis— along with strong intuitive connections— ancient Greeks and Romans believed placing an amethyst in their wine container would keep them from getting drunk. (We have not found this to be true.)
Your Spiritual Power center will rise in vibration when you hold this crystal during meditation, or simply have it next to you. Please keep it away from small children or pets. It is not a plaything. It is truly a crystal of immense power.
How to use
  • Hold or place near you when in deep meditation, seeking guidance from the Great Ones and the Holy Ones.
  • Hold in your hand and swipe up and down your energy field for a powerful clearing. 
  • Hold this when you want your intuition to be louder, clearer.  
Size and specifics:
Our current Violet Flame Amethyst Points are delicate and potent. They come from Brazil and have been cleansed and blessed by our energy expert.
Violet Flames weigh approximately 4-7 ounces and are approximately 2-3 inches tall and 1.5-2 inches wide. 

Small Violet Flames weigh 1.5-2 ounces and are approximately 1 inch high and 1 inch wide. 
Each one is unique in size, color, and shape.  

NOTE: Color in photo is darker than real product due to lighting. 
We will choose intuitively for you. They are not large, but they are potent in power.
We hope you can get a hold of one of these before we sell out. 
SPIRITUAL POWER: You have a spiritual power center. It can weaken when you are in stress or doubt. The Violet Flame Crystal will enhance your power center quickly, especially when you hold it during meditation. Or simply have it next to you. I keep mine next to me during meditation and spiritual work.
SEE FROM WITHIN:  Whenever I hold this small, yet powerful  Violet Flame Crystal, I have a stronger "inner" site. Be patient with this and allow the gift to unfold as you use this crystal during meditation or visualization.
How to clean
Wipe with a soft cloth or spritz with our Blessed Spray. You may leave out during the New Moon cycle to be cleansed. Avoid leaving in sunlight for an extended period of time as the color may fade.

Note from our energy expert

Amethyst Crystals are incredibly difficult to source right now...mostly because the earth is holding them for those who want to use them in the highest and best way. We have a safe sourcing system and cleanse and bless each crystal for you!