Honey Calcite Warming Palm Stone

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Product Details

For intentions of Motivation/Emotional Healing/Empowerment

Honey Calcite is full of warmth and promotes deep healing from emotional pain.  Often referred to as the Golden Healer Crystal, our blessed honey calcite palms exude an indescribable warmth and power— allowing a greater sense of self-esteem and empowerment to rise to the surface.

The warming palm is full of warmth, motivation, self-esteem, and deep healing from emotional pain. We are in love with this honey calcite sphere from Madagascar and have cleansed, blessed, and activated it for your self-empowerment. 

Honey Calcite is also referred to the Golden Healer. There is an indescribable warmth and power in this sphere. It eases emotional troubles so that a greater sense of self-esteem can rise to the surface.  

This is the perfect crystal to increase self-worth, self-value, and self-confidence. 

Size & specifics

Our current spheres come from Madagascar.  Each one varies in size and color. Weight is approximately two ounce sand measures and 2 long and 1 inch wide approx.. 

 How to use

  • Hold the palm in one or both palms. Set a strong intention of releasing emotional and physical pain and transmuting it to Source for deep healing.

  • As you focus on your Crown Chakra above your head, inhale and allow the energy of The Warming Palm to cleanse your Crown Chakra. As you exhale, send that energy down through your central channel to your Root Chakra at base of your spine.

    We call this moving Divine Energy through your field and amplifying self-discovery, leadership, and positive energies.

  • Keep it on your desk for extra warmth and positivity whilst working. 

How to clean

Your Honey Calcite comes cleansed and blessed for you. You may wipe it with a soft cloth and set it out during the new moon to release any unwanted energy it has picked up. The sun may fade the hue.

A note from our energy expert

The Honey Calcite Empowerment Palm is truly like holding a ball of sunshine and confidence. Use it before any big event or when you need a lift of empowering energy.