Blessed Manifesting Kit

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For the intention of manifesting prosperity and positive energy

This kit is designed to support your deep dreams and desires and to help you create more prosperity.  We've partnered with BCC Expert Prosperity Coach, Kisma, to curate the perfect crystals with just the right mindset for abundance.

What's included: 

  • One Manifesting Green Moonstone [Garnierite], a fabulously calming stone that holds the intentions of your manifestations and enhances intuition.
  • One mini Sheen Obsidian Crescent Moon to keep your energy cleansed and protected
  • One Crystal Pendulum so that you can check in with your manifestations energetically (intuitively chosen for you)
  • Selenite Stick for clean and clear energy.
  • 7 Shortie Incense Sticks to raise the vibe when you set your manifestation intentions
  • One Prosperity Citrine Crytal Chunk from Brazil for your abundance energy!
  • Kisma's 33 Prosperity Commands e-book. Kisma is The Prosperity Code Mentor™ and she has curated the most potent Prosperity Commands for you to use each and every day.

How to use:

We recommend a daily practice so that your energy is set for positivity and prosperity. Use your stones intuitively or follow our suggested protocol:

  1. Spark up a shortie incense stick. You may also light a candle.
  2. Place your Citrine Prosperity Chunk and Sheen Obsidian Mini Crescent Moon before you.
  3. Hold your Green Moonstone in one or both hands. Bring into your mind's eye that vision of what you want or who you want to be. Bring the Moonstone to your heart and get into the spirit of this already being a reality. 
  4. Read out loud one Prosperity Command. Repeat it as many times as you like to shift your state.
  5. Pendulum will come cleansed for you. Hold top of chain between thumb and index finger. Speak a YES statement and watch the direction it goes. Speak a NO statement and check direction. 

 This is a Limited Edition. [Total Value is $160]

Inside your blessed crystal box you'll find the QR code to download your 33 Prosperity Commands e-book.
Note from our energy expert:
You are ALWAYS manifesting. Your thoughts, attitude, and beliefs contribute to your reality in a big way. This ritual will help you raise your vibe and manifest with clear and clean energy and intention.