Ruby Fuchsite Palm

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For the intention of transforming negative energy to positive/enhancing psychic abilities

You gotta hold it to believe it. Our Ruby Fuchsite Palm Stones have a vibration that will melt negativity and infuse you with an essence of power. The mineral combination of RUBIES for passion and bliss, plus FUCHSITE, known as the "healer's stone", will transform your spiritual practice, meditation, and energy in ways never thought possible. 

This is one of our most potently packed palm stones for your healing, psychic abilities and to channel negative energy out of your awareness and field. By having your Ruby Fuchsite Palm around you, you will open up channels of intuition and release congested energy. 

We can't get enough of these and they are sought after and difficult to find. 

Size and specifics

Preciously sourced from India, the energy is soft, yet powerful. These Potent Palm Stones have been cleansed and blessed to support your deepest spiritual growth and abundance. They vary in size, weight, and color, but you can expect a generous palm stone that holds the power of Mother Earth and the Universe.

 How to clean

Your Ruby Fuchsite Palm comes preciously cleansed and abundantly blessed.  You may also use a soft cloth to wipe. Ruby Fuchsite will be cleansed under new moon energy and amplified during full moon. Leave it out of sunlight as it will fade the colors.

Note from our energy expert

This rare stone clears negative energy and ignites the right amount of vibrancy in your heart. Breathe and receive. You'll be lucky to have one of these lingams.