Madagascar Abundance Crystal

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The heart is the center of your belief about yourself. You must believe that you can have the abundance you desire before you attract it... the Madagascar Abundance Rose Quartz  will do this for you!

When people ask me for the most magnetic crystal for abundance, they're often surprised at what I show them. It's because they've tried other things to attract abundance, but never this one.

Your strongest abundance tool outside of your mind, is the Rose Quartz Crystal. See, if you are not feeling worthy, you will not expand your mind and heart for abundance.

I'm thrilled that right now, our tiny Blessed Crystal Co. just received a new shipment of our Madagascar Raw Rose Quartz Abundance Crystals.

One of the things I love most about Madagascar Rose Quartz is how it feels when I hold it. It radiates an energy of acceptance and has an immediate cleansing effect in the heart. The energy of Madagascar plus our Abundance Blessing makes this a perfect piece for a room in your home. (or every room!)

Believe in your abundance with the Madagascar Abundance Crystal and Blessing!

I personally have hundreds of crystals, and I want to tell you why this Madagascar Abundance Rose Crystal is divine:

HEART CENTERED: They resonate with your heart chakra and this is such an important part of your energy field. I always say that if your heart and mind are not in sync, you can't really manifest anything good. The Madagascar Abundance Crystal will work on your heart chakra as you hold it. It will also cleanse rooms in your home that have negative and heavy energy.

WEALTH RESONANCE:  The frequency of love is 528Hz. This also happens to be the frequency of abundance, as harmony is needed in order to attract greater wealth— and love.

CALMING AND CENTERING:  Whenever I hold large raw rose crystal,  I immediately get centered. I feel calm. You must know this secret to manifesting abundance— a chaotic mind attracts chaos only. A calm mind will attract what it focuses on. 

PERFECT FOR VISUALIZATION: My meditation teacher tells me all the time that I visualizing is the fastest way to manifest. I have found that when I drop in and see my vision in the center of my mind's eye and have the Madagascar Rose Crystal next to me,  everything is more clear and present. I have a deep sense of gratitude and RECEIVING energy!

THE BLESSING: Each Abundance Crystal is blessed with our abundance prayer. This is a powerful incantation that energetically infuses your crystal. This is why we are unique at The Blessed Crystal Co. We want you to have the highest vibe crystal possible!