The Tranquility Pink Calcite Meditation Sphere

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The Tranquility Mangano Pink Calcite Meditation Sphere is a crystal that promotes deep healing, forgiveness, calm, and release of anxiety. I use this during difficult times for extra strength, and I also use it for daily meditations.

Yet, the most significant shift I've felt whilst using The Tranquility Meditation Sphere is complete calm...

...a knowing that all will be guided by Universe

...that as I think, so I become

...that I am not alone in this universe, that my angels and guides are ready to lead me to my truth.

The Tranquility Pink Calcite is the perfect meditation sphere to release fear and trauma so that you can enter into true self-acceptance, self-worth, and love of all beings.

This meditation sphere is also used for deep forgiveness work of self and others.  Allow our Tranquility Mangano Calcite Sphere to release old and trapped heavy emotions in your heart and energy field. You will then feel revitalized and abundant!

Size, shape, and color vary with each Pink Mangano Calcite Sphere. Each is generous in size...approx 1 lb and 3 inches in diameter. 

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