The Sacred Incense Pack

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OMG do we LOVE this incense and crystal combo! Incense is part of our daily rituals for clearing space and raising the frequency of our home and office. We decided to put something special together for you...

Included in The Sacred Incense Pack are 3 Crystals: 

Tiger Eye is known as the Shape Shifter. It helps you to release anxiety and fear and step into strong decisions and actions. Tiger Eye was a favorite amongst the ancient Egyptians as they believed it provided wisdom. 

Amethyst Mini Cluster is a go-to for intuition, spirituality, and divine connection. Think of these as mini rockets to reach the galaxy of higher consciousness.

The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere: Reach for the Stars Stone! This stone shines like the cosmic wonder of the Universe. It comes with its own little stand so you can prop it up next to your incense. 

Wildberry Incense (made in America) 12 Shorties of various luscious scents!

BONUS: One Wooden Ash Catcher [moon or sacred geometric]

 These are potent and fun short sticks of incense. Use them at just the right time for an uplift in energy and inspiration. We suggest you place them in a small jar of salt or incense holder. 

Our Sacred Incense Pack is LIMITED. Get yours while supplies last.