Sacred Incense Kit

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For the intention of clear energy/blissful aroma/raise the vibe

[Limited Edition] The fabulous Sacred Incense Kit.  Since the beginning of time, scents have played a role in ones energy, vibration, and spiritual rituals.  We have created the perfect mix of scents and rocks for you to have a daily mini ritual.

Included in The Sacred Incense Kit:

  • Intuitively chosen Energy Stone. We will choose one of our cleansed and blessed energy stones for you to keep in your pocket, on your meditation or prayer alter, or to hold whenever you need a shazam of energy.

  • The Cosmic Goldstone Sphere: Reach for the Stars Stone! This stone shines like the cosmic wonder of the Universe. Gold and bright, it will illuminate your spirit.

  • Lepodolite Palm: Ultra soothing vibe to stabilize mood and be present to the moment with gratitude.

  • Sheen Obsidian Mini Crescent Moon: This cute little gal will protect your energy and make you smile. 

  • 20 Shortie Incense Sticks that smell like you just got tossed up into heaven. 

  • One Wooden Ash Catcher [moon or sacred geometric] 

  • Matches to spark it all up!

    Note from our energy expert:

    There's nothing better than having a rich scent permeate your home and lift the vibe. This is a perfect gift for someone who you love or even a new friend.