Perfect Bag of Crystals

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

The Perfect Bag of Crystals is your go-to stash for spiritual alignment, cleansing energy, and calm. Never leave home without it.

Limited Edition! Say Namaste to this perfect stash of crystals in an easy to carry soft chamois bag. We designed this so you can have the right crystal and stone with you at all times...or fill it with your own favorites!

Each tumbler has been cleansed and blessed for high vibes and potency. They'll last a lifetime.


Included in your Chamois Bag is:

  • Clear Quartz tumbler (cleanse and activate)
  • Sodalite chunk (throat chakra clearing)
  • Green Aventurine chunk (heart chakra clearing)
  • Amethyst tumbler (3rd eye clearing)
  • Tiger's Eye (courage and lower chakras clearing)
  • Palo Santo stick (spark it up!)
  • Mini Amethyst Pocket Guru Sphere (spiritual power)

All of these stones provide total clearing and support of your energy field for positivity, prosperity, and harmony.

How to use:

This is an intuitive perfect bag of crystals. Keep it on your desk or tuck it in your bag. These are your go-to tumblers and chunks for day-to-day life.

How to clean:

Wipe with a soft cloth. Spritz with our Blessed Spray. Set out during New Moon for a release of any negative energy these stones may have taken on. They will hold our blessing for a very long time.

Note from our Energy Expert:

 Channel your best self with the Perfect Bag of Crystals. These are divinely placed together for you to have the best stones with you at all times.