The OM Black Quartz X-Large Sphere

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This is an INCREDIBLE Power Crystal. This OM Black Quartz is difficult to attain because of its high vibration and ability to cleanse and activate a meditation space or home. This specific piece carries the OM vibration and raises the frequency of people near it and the space it is placed.

We call it our own Palantir seeing stone. This particular Sphere was mined in Jaipur, India by monks. 

It is believed that only monks and hermits can mine this specific Black Crystal because of the vibration. This is a one-of-a-kind sphere and the original raw stone comes from India and has been hand-carved and polished into a gorgeous sphere.

How to use: Be in its presence. Honestly, this is the most significant way you can utilize this crystal. It has a power and life of its own. You'll feel your auric field flush and clear as well as your home or office. 

It will clear your other crystals as well and jewelry, mirrors, and other possible vortexes in your home. The OM Black Quartz provides the ultimate psychic protection and negative clearing. It is one of the highest vibrational crystals known to humans. 

How to clean: Use our Blessing Spray to cleanse it every month or spritz it with plain water. Because it carries the vibration of OM, it is self-cleaning and activating. 


This sphere weighs in at approx 13 pounds and is approx 6.5 inches in diameter.  There are a few organic markings. The power of the crystal is significant and must be used with care.