Blue Kyanite in Quartz Cluster [Brazilian]

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For the intention of amplifying intuition/expansive wisdom

Blue Kyanite is one of the most potent crystals for balance, alignment, and calm. It is of a HIGH frequency and therefore amplifies your intuitive channel. The blue Kyanite in these clusters from Brazil will cleanse your throat chakra and allow for clear communication. 

Since it is mixed with quartz, the power of kyanite is even more powerful. This is one of the crystals that will keep a strong and clear energetic presence.

Size and specifics

Each piece is from Brazil and is sacredly sourced. They are generous in size and potent in energy. It is usual for blue kyanite quartz clusters to shed small crystals, so be careful handling it. 

The Medium pieces weigh up to 2 lbs 

The Large pieces weigh up to 6 lbs 

All pieces have lots of sparkly quartz, mica, kyanite, and some hematite 

Colors and size vary. 

How to use

Blue Kyanite is a sacred and semi-precious stone. These raw chunks from Brazil are to be handled with care. We suggest you place yours in your meditation room, office, or living area where it can cleanse and heal the energy of the room and all that live there.

Kyanite does not need cleansing and will keep the quartz nice and fresh. Do not put it in water as it will crumble. You may use the Blessed Spray to spritz up the energy or place it out under a full moon.

Note from our energy expert 

Our raw chunks from Brazil are of excellent quality. These are pieces that will help your entire being and home raise in vibration. Treat it carefully and it will support you greatly.

 Seen here with The Blessed Amethyst Mala