The Mystic Moon Pendant

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Product Details

For the intention of bringing lunar energy/light/sparkle to your world.

The Mystic Moon Pendant. This decorative piece is here for you to express beauty and sparkle, and gaze at the possibilities that the moon and stars symbolize for us. Everyone needs reminders of sparkle and our Mystic Moon Pendant gives you just that.

Size and specifics

The Mystic Moon Pendant is created with amethyst chunks and brass chains and crescent moons.  Crafted out of brass, the total length is 18 inches. The charms vary in shape and size  

  • Pendant Une has a star above the crescent moon with both light and purple amethyst chunks. 3 chains hang from the bottom with an amethyst at each end.

  • Pendant Six is a single chain with a star, circle, and crescent moon beautifully adorned with amethyst chunks

  • Pendant Huit has a star, crescent moon and 3 chains from the moon with amethyst charms

Each pendant has a circle at the top for hanging and is magical!

How to use

These gentle amethysts can help in facilitating dream work if you hang them as dream catchers in your bedroom. They are perfect for your office, meditation room, or kitchen window— even out in the garden. 

Enjoy the lunar energy and amethyst intuitive powers.

How to clean

Wipe with a soft cloth or clean makeup brush. We have one outside and over time the brass will start to change color.  You may rinse lightly in a stream of water.

Note from our energy expert

The Mystic Moon Pendant reminds us that we all have the stars and moon in our energy and that we can live life to the fullest as we strive in our careers or businesses.