The Blessed Meditation Kit

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For the intention of deep meditation/spiritual connection

The Blessed Crystal Co has put together a potent and BLESSED Meditation Kit for high vibe humans! This kit has all you need to experience a deep relaxation and connection to Source/Universe/Spirit. We are combining our BLESSED crystals with two energy experts and their meditation techniques!

Here's what's included in The Blessed Meditation Kit:

  • One BLESSED Mala. Our Mala beads are from India and hand-crafted. The energy is soft and spiritual. We have a selection of malas and will choose intuitively for you.
  • One Wooden Ash Catcher and 11 sticks of Shortie Incense. (We cannot guarantee a specific ash catcher as it depends on stock but place a note if there is one you see and want.)
  • One Amethyst Pebble from Madagascar for Intuition and Spirituality
  • One Sodalite Pebble from Madagascar for truth in your meditation practice
  • Opalite Star for the mystic and magic in you.
  • Peach Selenite Chunk to clear energy 
  • The Mystic Sound Healing™ Journey You'll receive a QR code that takes you to a divinely inspired singing bowl sound bath by the Mystic Sound Healer™
  • The Meditation Pod by Kisma. Welcome to KismaVerse! You'll receive login details to Illumination Academy™ for this luxurious guided meditation pod. There are 6 meditations, each designed to clear and align your heart and soul. 

[Total Value is: $222]


How to use:

Incense is a way to lift the frequency of your space. Spark up and sit quietly. Place your pebbles and star nearby. You may hold your mala or simply have it next to you.

As you tune into the Singing Bowl Sound Bath or Kisma's Meditation Pod™, allow the Mala beads to exude their energy and blessing. Focus upon peace, love, and harmony.

Meditation is a great opportunity to heal old wounds, forgive self and others and to set your intention for what you want in your personal universe.


Note from our energy expert:

Meditation is an arrival. Allow yourself time to be with the singing bowls or the guided meditation. You may also just sit quietly or journal. This is about creating a deep relaxation for your life.

NOTE: This kit is a limited edition.