Selenite and Pocket Gurus

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For the intention of clearing energy/intuition

Say hello to our Selenite and Pocket Guru Kit! We’ve combined our favorite ‘Pocket Gurus’ with our luscious Selenite Tray. 

Size and specifics

 Our Selenite originates from Madagascar and the handcrafted tray holds 3 Pocket Gurus. Choose from Smoky Quartz, Moonstone, or Amethyst Mini Sphere or all three! The spheres are mini in size and precious in energy.

How to use:

Place the tray and pocket gurus anywhere in your home or office. The combination of Selenite and Smoky Quartz will cleanse energy and protect you from EMFs. Amethyst will help with intuition and dream recall. Moonstone just makes you feel like a bundle of magic!

How to clean:

Wipe with a soft cloth of spritz weekly with our Blessed Spray. 

Note from our energy expert:

These little ones will bring you massive joy and refresh your energy field. Selenite is the most important crystal to have if you want to keep your other stones clear as well as yourself. Toss in the pocket gurus and you'll be smiling all day long.