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These spheres are incredible and come from Madagascar, one of the only places that ocean jasper can be found.

Sphere #1 Is LARGE at 2.68 pounds and 3 inches in diameter. There is a slight crack, which is normal with the hand-carved pieces and a small lovely druzy peaking through.

Sphere #2 is MEDIUM and weighs 1.15 pounds and measures 2.25 inches in diameter. There are a few cracks but the quality is gorgeous and incredible energy.

Sphere #3 is SMALL and weighs 1.15 pounds (so not that small) and measures 2 inches in diameter. She has a few cracks and indentations but has potent energy to share. 

Note from our energy expert:

Ocean Jasper is becoming a precious and sought after mineral. It is increasingly more difficult to mine and these pieces have soft and inviting energy. OJ is perfect for aligning your heart, solar plexus, and throat chakras.