Brazilian Quartz Chunks

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For the intention of Healing/Manifesting/Spiritual connection

Behold the Mother of All Crystals— Quartz. She's here to do many things for you, including healing, manifesting, meditating, and amplifying the other crystals you have in your home.

Our pieces are from Brazil and each piece has been cleansed and blessed abundantly. Brazilian quartz is top quality and our sacredly sourced chunks are stunning in clarity and have multi-points radiating from the base sending energy throughout your home or office.

We chose names for each of them which will help you identify which Quartz Crystal is perfect for you.

Size and specifics:

‘Shiv’ Quartz #3  Multiple points make this raw Quartz a stunning and energetic piece. Shiv will clear a room and amplify the energy. 2.8 lbs 7” by 4”

’Ice’ Quartz #4 is stunning!  She came out of Mother Earth shiny and sleek. This is a big chunk of Quartz that weighs 4.8 lbs and measures 6.5” by 5.5”  

‘Luna’ #5 is pure and potent Lemurian Quartz. Her knowledge bars are full of ancient wisdom and the clarity of this piece makes it a rare and valuable Lemurian. 6” by 2.5” and 1 pound with a perfect key formation to hold her.

‘Chunks’ #7 is your new best friend. 6” by 2.5” she fits perfectly in your hand as if to say you hold the power! 1.56 lbs she is full of gusto and sparkle!
Note: Shedding is normal as these pieces have numerous tiny points and have not been polished.

’Fog’ #8 is a chunk of Quartz that is perfect to have near your other crystals for cleansing and amplification. He’s not as clear in color as our other pieces but he will make you happy. Fog is our fav.

Lemur #9 is a generous 8” by 3” of Lemurian Quartz. Her energy is potent has gorgeous clarity. She’s a healthy 10.6 ounces  and fits perfectly in your palm for energy work 

Angel #10 Is a beautiful and chunky rutilatated Quartz. Strands of angel hair and a side inclusions of hematite and tourmaline make this ultra special. She’s polished and weighs 15.2 ounces with a 2.5 inch base and 4 inches tall.

Magical #11 has the most exquisite tourmaline plug on the side with phantom crystal sweeping inside. She’s 3 inches at base and 3 inches tall, weighing in at 15.1 ounces. 

Fairy Godmother #12 is a gorgeous Quartz tooth  from Mother Earth. A cathedral point with 6 facets at the point she is clear and stunning. 

Ice Pointe #13 is an incredible raw specimen straight from the ground. She's shiny and rough and weighs nearly 3 lbs. She measures 7 inches long by 5 inches wide. Ice Pointe has multiple points, at the tip of the largest point you can see where she broke from earth. All crystal baby.

Daphne #14  is full on Brazilian Quartz. Multiple points shoot up from her base and her energy is incredible. She weighs 2.58 lbs and measures 6 by 4 inches. Beautiful energy and perfect piece to amplify your other crystals.

How to use:

  • Use as an active art piece in your home. 
  • Place your other crystals or jewelry near to be cleansed and charged.
  • Lie down in meditation and place it next to you. Allow it to organically work on you.
  • Hold it and set an intention for amplification of prosperity and good.
  • Whisper to it, and listen to what she tells you!

Because this piece is so powerful, you will want to sit with it when it arrives. Talk to it, and allow it to know your intentions.  Its many points will send cleansing energy to all corners of your home. 

Note: Avoid putting this or any powerful quartz in the bedroom. It is an active crystal and may cause disruption to sleep. 

How to clean

 You may set outside in sunlight or spray with Blessing Spray every so often. If you feel it has done a great deal of work for you, set it in saltwater overnight. You may also charge it under the NEW moon.

A note from our energy expert

The Mother of all Crystals, Quartz is a necessity for healing, intuition, and amplification. Our pieces are top quality and sacredly sourced in Brazil. With the cleansing and blessing we do, you'll feel a shift throughout your entire home and energy field with these pieces.