Brazilian Quartz Chunk

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For the intention of healing/manifesting/channeling

Behold the mother of all crystals— Quartz. She's here to do many things for you, including healing, manifesting, meditating, and amplifying the other crystals you have in your home.

Brazilian quartz is top quality and our 3 sacredly sourced chunks are stunning in clarity and have multi-points radiating from the base sending energy throughout your home or office.

Size and specifics

Brazilian Quartz Chunk #1: 2.8 lbs and approximately 6 x 6". Flat base with many points.

Brazilian Quartz Chunk #2: 2.7 lbs and approximately 6 x 5". This piece has crystal points on top and bottom.

Brazilian Quartz #3: 2. 6 lbs and is approximately 6 x 4". Flat base and shiny thick points, 

How to use:

  • Use as an active art piece in your home. 
  • Lie down in meditation and place it next to you. Allow it to organically work on you.
  • Hold it and set an intention for amplification of prosperity and good.

Because this piece is so powerful, you will want to sit with it when it arrives. Talk to it, and allow it to know your intentions.  Its many points will send cleansing energy to all corners of your home. 

Note: Avoid putting this or any powerful quartz in the bedroom. It is an active crystal and may cause disruption to sleep. 

How to clean

 You may set outside in sunlight or spray with Blessing Spray every so often. If you feel it has done a great deal of work for you, set it in saltwater overnight. You may also charge it under the NEW moon.

A note from our energy expert

You'll love the vibe of these pieces. They are top quality and have been cleansed and potently blessed. Quartz is an essential crystal to have!