Nephrite-Jade Hearts

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For the intentions of transmuting negative energy into positive/prospserous thought.

Place Nephrite near your heart and expand oh dear one. These beautiful hand-carved Nephrite-Jade hearts have a miraculous feature of instantly transmuting negative energies into positive ones. They are said to offer psychic protection as well as protecting your energy and physical field. We can't hug them tight enough.

Size and specifics

These come to us from Pakistan and have been well cared for.  They have been preciously cleansed and abundantly blessed for your positivity and self-love.  Each piece is unique and varies in size, (2-2.5 inches)  weight (3.5-4 ounces), and color. They are equally potent.

How to use

  • Hold it in your palm during difficult times for an increase of protection and removal of negative energies.

  • Place on your desk as you work and place your palm on it every so often for an infusion of deep caring energy.

  • Place it anywhere in your home where you want extra positivity and protection. These are beautiful pieces.

    How to clean

    Since they are arriving to you with current sparkle, you may use a soft cloth to wipe whenever you feel like your heart needs a dusting off. Warm water is useful as is the Blessed Spray. Nephrite loves to be activated under the full moon and will shed negative energy under the new moon.

    Note from our energy expert

    I held this Nephrite Heart in my palm and within 10 seconds felt an out pouring of love and protection, as if an angel was hugging me.