Orange Calcite Positivity Spheres

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For intentions of Clearing Blocked Energy/Creating Prosperity

The Blockage Removal Crystal uses an element of fire for a gentle yet quick flush of blocked energy. Our Orange Calcite Healing Spheres are blessed for powerful manifesting and infusion of positivity in your life.

The Healing Orange Calcite will calm your emotional and mental centers and provide a boost of vitality to your being. It’s the feeling that arises when you let go of energy that is not yours and sync up your physical body with the spiritual realm.

Size & specifics

Each Sphere has been preciously cleansed and abundantly blessed.

Medium Sphere weighs approx 7-8 ounces and measures approx  2 inches in diameter.

Large Sphere weighs approx 1.1 lbs and is approx 3 inches in diameter

Each sphere varies and is unique in color, marking and striations  

How to use

  • Place the sphere on your desk or living area to feel the positivity and healing energy
  • For a more potent cleansing process, hold it in one or both palms and breathe deeply for several minutes.
  • Set your intention to release any energy that is not for your highest and best and to infuse your life with prosperity.

How to clean

Your Orange Calcite Healing Sphere comes cleansed and blessed for you. You may cleanse it with warm water or place out during a new moon. Sunlight may fade the color.

A note from our energy expert

The Healing Orange Calcite is a powerful stone. Use it when you are wanting to manifest more prosperity or abundance in your life, and realize positivity.