Druzy Smoky Quartz Clusters [Brazil]

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 For the intention of Clearing Energy/Clearing of EMFs/Protection

You can't take your eyes off of these.  Smoky Quartz is the go-to for clearing negative energy, EMFs, and protection. These are druzy or druse quartz, meaning they are an aggregate mass of small crystals or clusters of points growing out of another mineral. The number of points in these druzy clusters, plus the high-quality grade of Brazilian Smoky Quartz make these potent pieces stunning. Allow these works of art to help you overcome fear, melt stress, and release old anger.

 Size & specifics

Our current set of Brazilian Smoky Druzy Crystals comes from Brazil. Each one varies in size, color, and a number of points. They are generous in size and of excellent quality. Raw and unpolished by humans, they are still shiny and sparkling with multiple points.

How to use

  • Place your Smoky Quartz Druzy next to you if you feel heavy in emotions or energy. 
  • Keep it on your desk to protect you from harmful EMFs
  • Place one in your living room, kitchen, and office to keep your home's energy clean and clear.
  • Have it next to you during meditation or energy work for more potency.
  • Place near your front door to clear energy coming in.

How to clean

Your Smoky Quartz Druzy comes cleansed and blessed for you. In a few months’ time, you may want to place it in saltwater for a few minutes and then rinse. Or use our Blessed Spray to spritz it weekly and clean the energy. Your smoky quartz will cleanse with new moon energy beautifully. 

A note from our energy expert

Everyone needs a Smoky Quartz in their house and/or office. You'll feel lighter and clearer with it near you. They are powerful tools for your energy. 

Small Druzes weigh approximately 3-4 ounces

Medium Druzes weigh approximately 5-8 ounces

Large Druzes weigh approximately 10-15 ounces

 Leave us a note in your order and we will choose intuitively for you and your intention!