Brazilian Quartz Crystal Points

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For the intention of amplification/healing/magic

Our Brazilian Clear Quartz Points were divinely sourced and incredibly potent. These particular points have all been cleansed, blessed, and activated to do what the Mother of Crystals does best— amplify the good.

 Quartz comes from the Greek word that means "ice". You can count on illumination, clearing, and amplification when you use clear quartz. This 'eternal ice' is the ultimate healer and used for any condition. They hold their energy for years and amplify your other crystals. 

Known as the Universal Crystal, because of its multi-cosmic powers, clear quartz can assist you in healing, manifesting, meditating, and connecting to your intuitive channels.

Quartz is a harmonizing crystal and will help in romantic relationships and amplify healing energy. You'll find a deeper spiritual practice by using crystal and enhanced creativity.


  • For energy clearing or healing, stand up and hold the crystal in both hands. Set your intention of what negative aspects you want to be released. Breathe deeply with the intention to let go of anything not serving you.
  • Once cleansed set an intention as to what you want to amplify in your life— love, prosperity, spirituality, joy, etc.
  • Place it next to your other crystals or at your spiritual altar to cleanse and amplify your pieces. 
  • Use as an "Energy Piece" in your home.

WHERE TO PLACE: In your meditation, healing, or study area. This is an amplifier so best not to keep in the bedroom at night. You may also wrap it with a crystal cloth when not in use.

WHY QUARTZ CRYSTAL? It is the Power Cyrstal- a universal healing tool that will clear, amplify, activate, and help you to manifest more abundance.

HOW TO CLEAN: Your crystal has been cleansed and blessed thoroughly. It will not need cleaning for a few months. You may place in salt water for a few hours and under the sun or moonlight.


Here are our specific pieces. Each one is incredible! You'll be guided intuitively to the one that is for you, and if you need help, email us at 

1.) The SCEPTER: This piece is incredible.  Coming straight from the Earth, you can hold it and use for sweeping your energy field, clearing a space or meditating. It is over 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. She weighs  1.75 lbs. Increcibly potent piece!

2.) The CHUNK: Wowza- this piece is incredible and generous in size 6 inches long and 2 inches wide The Chunk weighs 1.32 lbs and has a "chunky" base from which it was pulled from Mother Earth. Cloudy with a chance of angels inside. ;-)