Caribbean Calcite Spirit Palms

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Product Details

Caribbean Calcite is connected to spiritual awakening, emotional intelligence, and deep transformation. We use ours during meditation and contemplation. It is an ideal stone for you to access your intuition and inner vision.

Caribbean Calcite is known as the "new beginnings" stone. It's perfect for someone who wants a new job, relationship, or is moving house. It will encourage you to live in the present moment and access calm and certainty.

 Caribbean Calcite will cleanse and activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. You may even notice an increase of psychic gifts— yet definitely a clarity of knowledge, insight, and deep inspiration.

 Be present and get calm with your Caribbean Calcite Spirit Palm.

It's normal to have cracks and crevices in Caribbean Calcite. They are like magical caves where you can put your worries for transmutation. I hold mine up to me and listen to the whisper of the stone.

Each piece varies in size, shape, color, and number of "caves". They are potent pieces and the perfect one will find its way to you!