Carborundum Sparkly Specimens

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Product Details

For the intention of balancing chakras/protecting of EMFs/calming

Something miraculous happens when the right humans treat natural minerals of Mother Earth and add a bit more sparkle and power. Seems counterintuitive, but this occurrence happened at the behest of Thomas Edison who brought scientists together to create Silicon Carbide, or Carborundum. 

Carborundum is the world's first artificially produced mineral. In the mid-1880's,  inventor/scientist  Edward G. Acheson, set to work in his experimental laboratory in Monongahela City, PA. Eddie used to work with Thomas Edison in Europe and decided to give it a go on his own. He was actually trying to create human-made diamonds. Thanks to a few degrees of off calculation, we now can enjoy this incredibly strong and striking mineral.

How to use:

  • Place your sparkle chunk near your computer or TV's to protect yourself from EMFs and electromagnetic stressors. 
  • Use it as a statement piece in your home
  • Combine with other crystals such as Selenite, for a stunning display and powerful clearing of negative energy.

Size and specifics:

Each piece is unique and measures approximately 6-7 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. Weight is 1.1-2lbs. Shedding is normal, so don't worry if a few bits fall off. The Sparkle will continue! Each one is generous in size and will be a stunning piece to display!

How to clean:

Carborundum is a hard mineral, however, our pieces have a seemingly infinite number of tiny pieces and sparkles. Use a soft brush to dust and spritz with our Blessed Spray to clear the energy of your piece.

Note from our energy expert:

Carborundum is indeed a funny name for a crystal that shines and sparkles so brightly. I love having a piece on my coffee table and desk to clear the energy and protect me from EMFs. A perfect crystal to share with your Carborundum is our Goddess Selenite Sphere.