Green Aventurine Tower [Special Offer]

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Product Details

We have sold the last of the "perfect" Green Aventurine Towers. Our remaining stash has marks that look like cracks or discolorations- however, the energy is the same!

What this means for you is that you can enjoy the energy and power of a Green Aventurine  Tower for just $5.11!

Why? Our shipment from Madagascar has been cleansed and blessed. However, the remaining stock has some imperfections that affect the look of the piece.

The energy is just the same and this is a perfect tower to use for your other crystals. Set it next to them or keep one on your desk for your own empowerment.

This is a powerful tower that will cleanse your aura and the field of your office or meditation room.  Green Aventurine is a stone for the heart and throat chakra s  

Want fiery confidence? Grab this tower. It's gorgeous and will nudge you to reach new heights of awesomeness, open your third eye as well as mental clarity.

Our towers come from Madagascar and vary in height and weight. Each one is cleansed and blessed for you.