Blessed Pendulums

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For the purpose of spiritual decision-making/cleansing energy

Talk about potent. Our sweet Blessed Pendulums have been in the prayer room for a considerable time. They are ready to serve you with clarity and clean energy.

We know that Galileo Galilei used a pendulum in 1602 and many great minds and scientists have used it since then.  Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton, used pendulums to have a pulse on time and energy. As a spiritual tool, pendulums have been used since the 16th century, if not before. 

They have a weighted crystal or stone at the end of a chain and respond to gravity and energy, intention and Source.

Size and specifics:

Each pendulum is unique in craftmanship and is ready to be programmed by you. Approximate measurements are below and measured from top of chain to the point of the crystal. 

Blue Quartz Pendulum is 10.5 inches long 

Hematite Blessed Pendulum is 9 inches long 

Smoky Quartz Pendulum is 9.5 inches long.

Dream Amethyst Pendulum is 12.5 inches and has a decorative chain.

Lepidolite Pendulum is 10.5 inches long and will soothe your emotions!

How to use your pendulum:

Your Blessed Pendulum comes cleansed and supremely blessed for you. Once you purchase it, your intention will begin to program your pendulum. 

When it arrives, take a few minutes and hold it in your palm. Speak to it. Set an intention with clarity that you want truth and wisdom from your precious stone.

Then hold it from the top of the chain and let it become almost still. Next is to determine your "no" and your "yes".

State a fact. such as My Name is----.  Watch the direction it moves. 

Then state a non-fact such as My Name is Hans Solo. Watch the direction it goes.

The key is to start with questions where you don't overthink things. Take a few breaths before you ask and be as relaxed as you can be.

Then ask. 

We are a fan of asking our pendulums to speak up if we are not seeing clear movement. Don't be shy. 

How to clean

Your Blessed Pendulums come cleansed and blessed. They will hold their blessing for a long time. However, if it "slows down in response" you may need to place it out during New Moon energy for cleansing or near some Selenite or Black Obsidian.

Note from our energy expert:

Everyone has intuition. Pendulums are a beautiful way to connect with that intuition as a guide. Treat your pendulum with care by placing it near a cleansing crystal such as selenite or black obsidian.