Aura Quartz Double Terminated Wands [Rainbow]

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

Create Magical Energy and connect with the Angelic Realms

Our juicy double-terminated aura crystal wands are rainbow in color and have a point at each end. This allows energy to be absorbed in one point, transformed within the wand, and moved out to the other end.  The rainbow colors and iridescent glow are a result of being coated with a combination of titanium and gold. Titanium molecules are bonded to the quartz by the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization.

Size and specifics

Each wand has 6 facets and a gorgeous hue of rainbow colors with an iridescent glow. Size and hues vary and each one is unique. Range from 1-2 inches long and .5 to 1 inch wide. 

Each wand is double terminated (point on each end). Some have beautiful angels inside (occlusions) and each varies in degree of color, size, length, and weight. 

How to use

  • Sit quietly and take 3 deep inhales and exhales. Hold your Aura Crystal wand in the center and sweep your energy field with one point. The energy will be absorbed, travel through the wand, and transmute out the other end.
  • Intention is to release and clear anything that is holding you back or congestion your energy field.
  • sit in meditation and hold the wand in your palm. Speak a clear intention into it and ask it to serve you in the highest and best.

How to clean

Your wand comes cleansed and blessed and will hold that blessing. Wipe it with a soft cloth and spritz it with Blessed Spray after you use it for energy clearing. You may also set out during new moon to release any stuck energy.

Note from our energy expert

These are potent wands that will cleanse your energy field. Use it with care and enjoy the sparkle after.