Blue Agate Charging Plate

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For the intention of Charging & Clearing Crystals/Stones/Jewelry

Brighten your home, charge your rocks,  and calm your mind.  Our dyed agate slabs are incredible charging plates for your crystals or exquisite decorations. Our current batch is from Brazil and stunning in color. These agate charging plates will add a pop of color to any room or office and give you a calm feeling because of the intense blue hues throughout each piece.

Size & specifics

Our current set of agate charging plates come from Brazil. They are generous in size, approximately 4- 4.5 inches in off-round shapes. Each piece is unique and we will intuitively choose the yummiest agate charging plate for you.

 How to use

  • Place smaller stones, palms, or meditation spheres on your agate charging plate to clear and charge up your stones.
  • Have it next to you on your desk for a warm pop of color and throat chakra opening energy.
  • Use as a coaster for your favorite beverage. 
  • A perfect place for your jewelry to get cleansed and charged.

How to clean

Your agate charing plates come cleansed and blessed. Wipe them with a warm cloth and you may use warm water to wash. Keep out of the sunlight as the hue may fade. These plates will enjoy New Moon Energy and Full Moon Energy.

A note from our energy expert

They bring joy to your energy and heart and are practical in application. These are perfect plates to charge up your favorite stones and crystals.

Seen below with our Snowflake Fluorite Palm and Pink Jasper Palm.