Quartz Cathedral Point

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Product Details

This Majestic Quartz Point is a stunning piece for your home. She came to us from Brazil and is a display of clear quartz with a tourmaline plug inside and many angels singing within. With her six points, she is a generator crystal. 

Generators are rare crystals with six points that create a potent energy to clear, heal, and amplify your intentions. As you might expect, crystals such as this generate energy throughout your home and being.

Clear Quartz is the Master Crystal. When you commit to a size and shape such as the Majestic Quartz Generator, you are committing to a new level of being, doing, and having.

It is polished and ready for a stunning display and incredible stream of consciousness. 

How to use: Allow this crystal to guide you to where it needs to be. Because of its weight (25 pounds), you'll likely keep it in one spot for a while. Once placed, quietly speak to the crystal as to your intentions. Let it know what you want to be cleansed and healed and what you want to be amplified. Be specific. It will start working for you immediately.

Why a Quartz Generator?  This is for serious seekers and lovers of the beauty of Mother Nature. Our most loving clients of crystals always choose to have at least one exquisite piece such as this

How to clean: This Quartz Point comes to you cleansed, blessed, and activated for the highest and best use. You may wipe it with a soft cloth weekly. After a few months place black obsidian, smoky quartz, or selenite next to it. Use our Blessed Spray to keep its vibrancy high.

 This precious crystal weighs approximately 25 lbs and is 12 inches high. It has 6 sides, each side between 3-4 inches.