The Goddess of Abundance Rose Sphere

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Product Details
Rose Quartz is all about opening the heart to receive.  The Goddess of Abundance Rosere Sphere is a potent crystal to open all receiving in your home or office. 
This is our Goddess of all Abundance Spheres! It weighs in at 12 pounds and is approx 6 inches in diameter and comes from Madagascar. 

This Sphere will help you not only open your heart but harmonize your entire field for more abundance.

 Rose is the magician of all crystals as it works exactly in the way you need it to. Whatever holds your heart heavy, it will know and flush out. It is soft in energy until you need it to ramp up, then it will do just that and at the right time.

You may keep this sphere in your bedroom without disruption of sleep. It is suitable for any room in your home or office. 

How to use: Place this large and gorgeous Self Love Meditation Sphere in both your palms. Hold it up near your third eye chakra and breathe in. Exhale it to your throat. Inhale it to your heart chakra and keep it there for 7 steady breaths at least. 

How to clean: Your Self Love Meditation Sphere has been thoroughly cleansed and blessed for you. However, if you feel that it needs cleaning in a few months, you may place it in a bowl of saltwater overnight. Rinse and wipe clean.  Moonlight is fine for rose quartz but we suggest not leaving it too long in sunlight. 

Approx 22 pounds  and 9 inches in diameter.